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Cut Flowers

Available from May to September.

Cymbidiums flower in winter in South East Queensland.  However, some will be available in April and some in September depending on the season.

Cymbidiums are available in:

  • Standard size - flowers are 90 - 120mm across with 8 to 15+ flowers per stem.
  • Intermediate and miniature size - flowers 65 -90mm across with many more flowers per stem.
Cut flower stems will last 6 - 8 weeks.
Use them as individual flowers or as a whole stem.

Cymbidiums are available in a range of colours - white, pale pink, dark pink/red, green, yellow, orange and brown.
Visit our gallery to see some photos of our cymbids.

We supply boxes of cut cymbid stems of standard and intermediate types in mixed colours.

  • Small Box - minimum of 24 flowers on 2 stems.
  • Medium Box - minimum of 60 flowers on 5 - 7 stems.
  • Large Box - minimum of 96 flowers on 8 - 10 stems 
You can order boxes of specific colours for special events such as weddings or corporate functions.

Cymbidiums stems are cut, placed in rain water to rehydrate, and then each stem is packed in a clear cellophane sleeve with an individual vial of rain water.  
Cymbids are cut, packed and delivered from our Sunshine Hinterland farm to South East Queensland promptly usually within 24 hours.


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